We took a walk out in nature, and found the fourth test post. We learnt not to take ourselves too seriously, since this is just test copy.
The title of this posts reminds me of this tongue twister in Spanish: tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un triste trigal.
A daily practice of breathwork brings incredible benefits to anyone’s life. This is awesome and beautiful and everyone should do it. Now. Or later. There’s no rush.
Slowly but surely putting together this blog, I'm drawing some calmness from the guy meditating in this picture.


Founder & Master Facilitator

After facing deep pain in his early life, Kalid spent more than 20 years studying and practicing with many gifted masters across the world. He then became a facilitator himself, combining ancient wisdom traditions with contemporary approaches.

He has now impacted hundreds of thousands of lives providing experiences that range from Dance, Meditation, Breathwork, and Bioenergetics to Shamanism, Sufism, Sweat Lodge, Firewalking, and Vision Quest. He is known for his impeccable work and down-to-earthiness as a facilitator.

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