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We're committed to transparency and clarity.
In this page, you'll find our terms of service, privacy policy, and other legal texts.

1. Cancellation and Refund Policy

– If you cancel your registration more than 60 days before the retreat begins, we will refund your payment. However, an administrative fee of €150 will be retained for internal costs. You also have the option to transfer your payment to another date. The same administrative fee of €150 will be retained for internal costs. If you do not use your payment within one year, no refund will be issued and it cannot be transferred to a later date.

– If you cancel your registration less than 60 days before the retreat begins, your payment will not be refunded. However, you have the option to transfer your payment to another date. An administrative fee of €150 will be retained for internal costs. If you do not use your payment within one year, no refund will be issued and it cannot be transferred to a later date.

– If you cancel your registration less than 30 days before the retreat begins, or if you do not attend the first retreat session, or if you withdraw from the retreat after it has started, no refund will be made. The exception to this policy is if Injoy determines, after your enrolment, that the retreat is not suitable for you. In this case, we will fully refund your payment.

– In the event that Injoy cancels the retreat, the full payment will be refunded to you.

– If you suffer from sudden ill health, or recent bereavement, please contact us immediately to hello@injoy.pt. Your retreat fee can be suspended until a suitable alternative date can be found. Refunds may be considered if a medical certificate is provided. However, the administrative fee of €150 will be retained for internal costs.

– All requests for cancellations and refunds must be sent via email to hello@injoy.pt


2. Changes made by Customer after booking

– In case you want to change your booking to a later date, the new program must happen within a year from the change request.

– Should you request a change to your booking, the prices applying to the new booking will be those prices applicable on the day the new booking is made following the requested amendment.


3. Payment

To secure a retreat booking you will be required to pay a full price, 50% or the first installment of a monthly payment plan, as shown on the program’s page. We accept Credit Cards, PayPal and bank transfer payments. Injoy does not charge a service fee for processing the payments. Please note that when paying in a currency other than the payment of the program, you must take into account the exchange rate and the commission of their bank. Injoy is not responsible and in control of the applicable bank fees, bank commissions and exchange rate. If you wish to use a different method of payment or if you have any questions related to payments, please contact us at hello@injoy.pt and we will be happy to assist.


4. Waiver of liability and hold harmless

As one of the conditions of your participation, you specifically release Injoy, its students, agents and employees from any claims or liabilities of any kind whatsoever, arising from or related to your
participation in its activities, including accidents, medical, personal, etc.

5. Mental Health Acknowledgment and Responsibility

You recognize the importance of good mental health for your safe participation in Injoy’s activities. You hereby pledge to promptly notify Injoy of any issues or concerns with your mental health that
might affect your participation. You further understand and agree that you are solely responsible for consulting with your own therapists, doctors, or other healthcare professionals regarding your mental health and that Injoy is not responsible for providing or ensuring such consultation or support.


6. Photo release

You agree to grant to Injoy and its authorized representatives permission to record on photography, film and/or video, pictures of your participation. I further agree that any or all of the material photographed may be used, in any form, as part of any future publications, brochure, or other printed, digital or online materials used to promote Injoy, and further that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.

Injoy is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Contact us at hello@injoy.pt if you have any questions regarding the use of your Personal Data and we will gladly assist you.

By using this site or/and our services, you consent to the Processing of your Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy. This privacy policy (hereinafter, the “Privacy Policy”) applies to all personal data that the User provides to Injoy through its website: “https://injoy.pt”. For the purposes of our Privacy Policy, the “User” is any individual interested in the products and services offered by Injoy through its website. The purpose of this Company Privacy Policy is to make the processing of your data transparent and protect them.


Responsible for data processing

Name of the controller: Injoy.

Registered office and place of business: Rua Abel Pereira Gomes 101 4455-013 Lavra

Purpose of data processing

The purposes of the processing of personal data that you provide as a User during the process of consulting, contracting, or purchasing any of the products or services of Injoy, are the following:

• Respond to your requests for information or estimates through our website.
• Know your opinion about our services.
• Notify changes or updates in our Services.
• Send information to the User of any kind and by any means, including sending commercial communications to the email address provided by the User, regarding the services and products
offered by Injoy. All these communications will be made with the consent of the User.

Our data privacy policy

Injoy, during the consulting session, or for the provision of its services, will collect and process some personal information required for the aforementioned activities. The information we collect from you includes – but it’s not limited to your name, surname, phone, email, VAT number, postal address.
The User knows and accepts that not disclosing certain personal data will prevent Injoy from providing the previously mentioned services. Under no circumstances, Injoy will cede, exploit, disclose or sell this information, or process it for a use different from the ones expressly indicated here. During the registration process, the User will be informed of the non-obligatory nature of the collection of some of the data for the provision of the services of Injoy.

Unsubscribe from commercial communications

The User has the right to revoke at any time the consent given for sending commercial communications with a simple notification to Injoy, by simply stating that this User does not wish to continue receiving commercial communications. For this purpose, the Users may either revoke their consent in the manner described in the previous section or click on the link included in each
commercial communication, thus canceling the sending of electronic commercial communications.

Security measures

Injoy commits to comply with its obligation of privacy and secrecy of personal data and its duty to keep them secure and will take the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss, treatment, or
unauthorized access, in accordance with the provisions of regulations applicable. Injoy is a company concerned about the privacy of its Users and, in order to strengthen the confidentiality and integrity of information of your business, continuously maintains the supervision, control, and, evaluation of its systems and IT infrastructure.

Modification of the Privacy Policy

Injoy may modify its Privacy Policy in accordance with the applicable legislation at any time. In any case, any modification of the Privacy Policy will be duly notified to the Users so that they are
informed of the changes made in the processing of their personal data and, if required by the applicable regulations, the User may be duly informed by other available means.

To plan your trip, we recommend visiting Rome2Rio, where you can compare travel options intuitively. See you at the Monte Velho Retreat Centre in Carrapateira, Portugal!

If you’re driving to the retreat, we ask that you give other participants a lift. We’ve created a whatsapp group to offer or look for shared rides. Other options are checking carpooling app BlaBlaCar or renting a car.

Taking a train instead? Your destination should always be the Lagos train station. Once you arrive there, you’ll need to call a taxi, Uber, or transfer* to Monte Velho (~40 minutes ride)

If you’re travelling from far away, you might want fly in to the Faro airport. Once there, you’ll need to call a taxi, Uber, or transfer* to Monte Velho (~1 hour ride). 

Travelling by bus is one of the most sustainable options. You can head to the Carrapateira or the Vila do Bispo bus stations. If you choose the latter, you’ll still need to call a taxi, Uber, or transfer* to Monte Velho (~15 minutes ride)

We advise you book your transfer prior to your arrival. We can recommend Emanuel Brito, Sr. Pacheco and World Available.

About FIT™

Firewalking Instructor Training

The FIT™ is the registered trademark of firewalking professionals worldwide, guaranteeing the highest quality of training and professionalism. The FIT™ methodology is the most complete training specialization for practicioners who wish to use firewalking as a development tool in their work. It requires serious technical, psychological and training skills from the entitled instructors.

About the program:
You will gain personal insights while also learning professional skills like the full engineering of firewalks, including the construction of various kinds of safe pyres and firekeeping, types of firewalking and every aspect of firewalking safety, wood types, liability, fire permits, promotion, working with media, team building, developing presentation and leadership skills, as well as the ability to inspire and motivate others.

The training includes four different firewalks, including a 12 meter (40-foot) firewalk. We will teach you how to walk on broken glass, bend steel bars with your throat, break pointed arrows with your throat, break boards with your bare hand, and many other remarkable skills.

Bárbara Luna

Partner & Teacher

Luna is a joy-seeking, communication expert and passionate yoga & breathwork teacher. She practices Yoga since 2003, the same year she started her degree in Communication. She holds a PgDip in Applied Positive Psychology and has been teaching yoga for the last 10 years.

She specialized in Prenatal and Kids Yoga, devoting to bringing wellbeing practices to people of all ages and walks of life. Motherhood has been the most amazing inner journey for her, and birthing hers and Kalid’s daughter, Beni, was the reason she started her studies in Conscious Parenting.

At Injoy she teaches, she leads communications and crafts our experiences along with Kalid. And while it seems a lifetime since she’s worked as a TV reporter, she puts her love for meaningful conversations into action as the host of our podcast. Her mission is to inspire others to reclaim their highest vibration so they can start living their best lives.


Founder, Therapist & Facilitator

After facing deep pain in his early life, Kalid spent more than 20 years studying and practicing with many gifted masters across the world. His purpose is to share everything he has learned to inspire people to achieve their dreams and goals. 

With over 20 years of experience working in over 22 countries, he has helped catalyze profound personal transformation processes of hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide in countries like Sweden, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, England, Peru, Croatia, Austria, and China.  

Some of his tools range from Dance, Meditation, Breathwork, and Bioenergetics to Shamanism, Sufism, Sweat Lodge, Firewalking, and Vision Quest. He is thus recognized beyond borders for his unique ability to create bridges between ancestral wisdom and modern therapeutic processes, blending different techniques for personal and organizational development creatively and boldly.