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Breathwork for emotional release

In this article we dive deep in the matter of breathwork for emotional release. And, thus, promote emotional balance and health.

If you also thought (or think) I have been breathing since I was born, I know how to practice breathing, you are not alone! 

But the truth is, most of the time our breathing is totally unconscious. It happens naturally, without us thinking about it or voluntarily trying to interfere in it. Breathing is fundamental to keep us alive, of course. But when we talk about breathwork practices, we are talking about intentional manipulation of the breath.

Many people have their first contact with conscious breathing practices through Yoga or Meditation. Nowadays, breathwork is conquering its own space, with more and more fans of complete breathing practices to increase their general well-being.

Breath & Emotions

By this time, anyone participating in our online course already realized that the benefits of breathwork can go well beyond the benefits for physical health.

Those who practice breathwork begin to learn that the amount of air we bring into the body is proportionally related to the amount of well-being we can feel in our life. As we open and expand our breath, we create more life energy. And we also open our capacity to receive and experience more positive emotions. To the extent that the breath is open and flowing, we too surf the flow of life.

Does this means that the practice of breathwork is always pleasurable? Not at all. Like many things that are good for us (Yoga is a good example) it can be full of discomfort.

This is often physical (tingling, muscle tension) but also emotional. In fact, ultimately, much of this physical discomfort comes from stagnant emotions, which for some reason did not flow naturally. They were repressed and created tension in the body.

Breathwork and emotional release

It is now well accepted that long-term emotional stagnation can lead to physical and emotional disorders. When we become “conscious breathers”, we have the opportunity to take control of our lives, by fully oxygenating our system and actively participating in this process of transformation and emotional release.

That is, breathing practices (often also associated with sound and/or movement) are a powerful means for transforming and releasing emotions that may be repressed: anger, sadness, hurt, frustration…

By allowing these emotions to be renewed and unblocked, we create space to receive more vitality, energy, joy, motivation, tranquility, peace… we create space to consciously open our arms to everything we want to manifest in our lives.

We expire, we release. We inspire, we embrace. Our emotions are made of this natural fluidity, just like our breath.

So, breathe your emotions, allow yourself to let go… and embrace the immeasurable potential that already exists within you.

We wish you good practices!

Barbara Luna

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Bárbara Luna

Partner & Teacher

Bárbara is a joy-seeking, communication expert and passionate yoga & breathwork teacher. She practices Yoga since 2003, the same year she started her degree in Communication. She holds a PgDip in Applied Positive Psychology and has been teaching yoga for the last 10 years.

She specialized in Prenatal and Kids Yoga, devoting to bringing wellbeing practices to people of all ages and walks of life. Motherhood has been the most amazing inner journey for her, and birthing hers and Kalid’s daughter, Beni, was the reason she started her studies in Conscious Parenting.

At Injoy she teaches, she leads communications and crafts our experiences along with Kalid. And while it seems a lifetime since she’s worked as a TV reporter, she puts her love for meaningful conversations into action as the host of our podcast. Her mission is to inspire others to reclaim their highest vibration so they can start living their best lives.


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