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Breathwork: a gateway to the expansion of consciousness

In this article we will dive deep in the close relation between breathwork and consciousness.

Breath is life, we often hear. No doubts about that: if you are reading us right now, you are breathing!

But in fact, breath is so intimately linked to life that, in many cultures around the world, it is considered the spirit itself.

According to the Bible, God, when creating Adam, took a piece of clay and breathed life into it. The Greeks use the same word – pneuma – for breath and spirit. In the teachings of Yoga, the vital force that animates all life is called prana. And the main source of prana for human beings is air: when we breathe, we absorb it into our bodies.

But it doesn’t stop here! The Hebrew word rauch means breath and spirit. In Latin, spiritus is the word used for breath and spirit. In the Hawaiian Islands, ha means breath of life. It is considered so vital that it is an important component of the language: the word Hawai is composed by Ha (breath of life) + Wai (that meanswater or the  supreme god or original consciousness). Finally, the greeting so associated with surfing – Aloha – means “I greet you with my breath”.

Throughout this series of articles dedicated to breathwork, we have been discovering how the power of conscious breathing goes beyond the undeniable benefits for physical health. We passed through transformation and emotional liberation, inspiration, focus and mental clarity and, finally, we open the doors to spiritual totality. 

But… what does this mean?

Breathwork and consciousness 

Again, the ancients – from Taoist sages, yogis and shamans to monks and other masters – have known for millennia that breathing is a path to higher levels of consciousness. Most people don’t realize that breathing in a merely superficial way will limit your physical energy and quality of life. Therefore, it also restricts your ability to access deeper levels of yourself.

In this context, spirituality is disconnected from any religious concept: it is about exploring and experiencing our multidimensionality. Uniting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of ourselves, we remind ourselves of our innate wholeness.

The Superconscious Mind ~ Higher Self

In the last article we talked about the subconscious mind. This time we will explore the superconscious mind, which is the part of our mind that is united with universal intelligence. The higher self is beyond the mind, beyond the personality. It represents the divine and eternal aspect of who we are. The power of the breath opens a portal to the unconscious mind but also to that part of us that is greater than our individual personality. It thus creates a direct connection with that authentic Self and with that infinite intelligence, which is our divine essence. And this can lead us to experience states of pure presence, ecstasy and connection.

In sum: breathwork allows us to consciously connect with the higher aspects of our reality. How does this translates into practice? There’s no rules. Sometimes practitioners have experiences, visions, sensations, insights or intuitions as they become aware of other dimensions and higher aspects of Self. And sometimes the work is more subtle, physical or emotional.

One thing is true: each time we embark on a breathwork session, we become clearer, lighter and we permanently increase our vibratory frequency.

Are you going to embrace the totality of who you are?

We wish you powerful and deep practices!

Barbara Luna

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